Relocation Guide

Welcome to Huron, South Dakota! Here at  Ace Realty, we’re not just real estate agents, we’re your partners on this journey. Think of us as your guides, here to help you embrace Huron’s welcoming spirit and find a place that truly feels like home. As you take the step to relocate, we’re here to provide steady support, helping you navigate the real estate landscape while introducing you to the serene essence of Huron. Let’s work together to find the perfect property that aligns with your aspirations and makes your move a smooth and fulfilling experience.

Why Choose Huron?

As our community continues to flourish, you’ll find a world of recreational and leisure opportunities waiting for you. With exceptional golf courses, local parks, walking trails, and a vibrant array of sports and activities, Huron’s outdoor culture is unparalleled. Moreover, the city hosts a lineup of annual events and festivals that add zest to life, including the Huron Ringneck Festival, Antique Power Show, Wheel Jam, Parade of Lights, Food Truck Wednesdays, Rodeos, and the prestigious SD State Fair.

What's not to like!

FAQs about Moving to Huron

Getting utilities started is easy. For Water/Sewer/Garbage service, a $100.00 deposit and photo ID are required. Contact the Utility Billing Office at 239 Wisconsin Ave SW, or call (605) 353-8504 for details.

Electricity & Natural Gas service is managed by NorthWestern Energy (605) 352-8411 or Dakota Energy Cooperative (605) 352-8591.

Telephone, cable, and internet services can be set up through providers like Midcontinent Communications, Century Link, Santel Communications, and Direct.TV.

The great news is that South Dakota doesn’t have personal or corporate income tax or inventory tax. Property taxes are based on valuation and are equal for both businesses and non-businesses. The City of Huron has a 2% sales tax, with an additional 1% on specific establishments. The state sales tax rate is 4.5%.

Register to vote at the Beadle County Auditor’s Office (445 4th Street SW, Huron, SD) or the City Finance Office (239 Wisconsin Ave SW, Huron, SD).

For city residents, the designated Super Precinct for voting is the Huron Arena located at 100 4th Street SW.

For driver’s license information, visit the Center Plaza at 289 Dakota Avenue South, Suite 5. Operating hours are Thursdays, Fridays, and 1st, 3rd, 5th Wednesdays from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. You can also access more information on the SD Driver Licensing Program Website.

The city provides a 60/90 gallon container for weekly garbage collection. If your container is lost, stolen, or damaged, replacement containers must be purchased. Your utility bill stub also covers one free load to the city’s rubble site for disposal. For more details, contact the city’s Utility Billing Office at 239 Wisconsin Ave SW, or call (605) 353-8504.

Purchase a green yard waste container for disposal from May to October. These containers are owned by purchasers and can be taken when you move. Yard waste must be placed in containers loosely and un-bagged. Contact the Utility Billing Office at 239 Wisconsin Ave SW, or call (605) 353-8504 for more details.

Yes, pet licenses are required. Get yours at the Beadle County Humane Society (5063 Dakota Avenue S). Ensure you have up-to-date vaccination information.

Pet licenses are issued by the Beadle County Humane Society (5063 Dakota Avenue S). All pets over six months old need to be licensed annually before January 1st. Make sure to provide valid rabies vaccination proof.

If you have four or more dogs/cats over six months old, you need a kennel license from the City Finance Office. Call (605) 353-8502 for more information.


Yes, pets must be kept on a leash. Animals can’t roam freely within the city. Pets inside a vehicle are considered on their owner’s property.

Keeping horses, mules, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, or fowl within the city is generally prohibited, with certain exceptions for specific purposes such as public auction rings, livestock commission houses, veterinary clinic and treatment facilities, locker plants and hatcheries may temporarily keep and hold any such animals or fowl for the purpose of sale, slaughter or treatment; and in addition the state of South Dakota fairgrounds shall be exempt from these provisions.

If you come across a stray pet, please contact the Beadle County Humane Society at 5063 Dakota Avenue S. Call (605) 352-8955.

Stay informed about snow removal procedures during Snow Alerts. Parking is prohibited on city streets until snow is cleared. Watch for Snow Removal Alerts on TV Channel 6, or call (605) 353-8501. Brochures are available at City Hall (239 Wisconsin Ave SW, Huron, SD) or call (605) 353-8502.

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